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INNOVATION WATCH - A new way to make music

An innovative range of instruments is changing the way that people make music, with pressure-sensitive silicon where there used to be piano keys, drums and strings.

Issue 77

INNOVATION WATCH - Heating homes with robots

Q-Bot’s series of mini robots work together to install underfloor insulation in older homes, helping to reduce heat loss by up to 80%.

Issue 76

INNOVATION WATCH - A tough lock to break

An innovative material made of metal and polymer composites forms an integral part of a bike lock that is lightweight but extremely difficult to cut through.

Issue 75

INNOVATION WATCH - A more convenient way to camp

A British manufacturer has created the world’s lightest tent, following several years of research and development into innovative materials and manufacturing processes.

Issue 74

INNOVATION WATCH - The world's smallest gravimeter

Researchers from the University of Glasgow have created a small and affordable gravimeter - a device used to detect even the smallest changes in gravity.

Issue 73

INNOVATION WATCH - Saving sight in developing countries

The Arclight is helping to diagnose thousands of preventable eye conditions in developing countries.

Issue 72

INNOVATION WATCH - Farming straight up

Growing plants without soil is transforming how crops are grown across the world.

Issue 71

INNOVATION WATCH - Thin and flexible but tough protection

Armourgel, an energy-absorbing material that can be incorporated into clothing, is being adapted from its origins in sportswear into a protective device for the hip that aims to protect the weak and fragile hip bones of osteoporosis patients.

Issue 70

INNOVATION WATCH - An appetite for oil

Gobbler boat, an innovative oil-spill retrieval vessel, is providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to dealing with the scenarios that arise from oil spills

Issue 69

INNOVATION WATCH - Delivering clean cold and power


Global technology company Dearman has developed a family of engines that uses liquid air to deliver zeroemission power and cooling.

Issue 68

INNOVATION WATCH - Organ transplant breakthrough

After nearly 20 years of research and a wide tranche of clinical trials, a medical innovation originating in Oxford is saving lives and winning awards.

Issue 66