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INNOVATION WATCH - New energy pioneers

London-based BBOXX supplies solar-powered battery boxes to customers in developing countries. Their remote monitoring and battery management system was one of the winners of the 2015 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Award.

Issue 64

INNOVATION WATCH - Cable fault locator

The winner of the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s 2014 Innovation Award was a handheld portable device for detecting faults in low voltage electrical cables

Issue 63

INNOVATION WATCH - Super cool(er)

Welsh startup Sure Chill has developed a cooler that uses the properties of water to keep its contents cool for around 10 days without electricity. This is ideal for storing items such as vaccines where electricity sources are unreliable

Issue 62


The FlexiArch was developed and launched in 2007, creating a minor renaissance for arch bridges.

Issue 61

INNOVATION WATCH - Adaptive spectacles

The inventor of the world’s first universal self-adjustable eyeglasses had the latest version of these spectacles shortlisted for the Design Museum’s 2013 Design of the Year Awards.

Issue 60

INNOVATION WATCH - Silent Herdsman

An Glasgow-based spin-out company called Silent Herdsman from the University of Strathclyde, has formulated a system, that is able to monitor the fertility of herds, by attaching sensors to collars.

Issue 59

INNOVATION WATCH - Taking the Strain

Clansman Dynamics makes a range of heavy-duty foundry and forge machinery, and has developed the G30 grinder which reduces strain and improves the view for grinding operators.

Issue 58

INNOVATION WATCH - Chameleon lasers

A Glasgow-based company has produced a one-box tuneable ultrafast laser system that allows biomedical scientists to better target real-time tissue scans

Issue 57


UK company I2O water has developed and deployed intelligent pressure management systems to conserve supplies of treated water

Issue 56

INNOVATION WATCH - Reinventing the Wheel

The Morph aluminium folding wheel gives wheelchair users greater flexibility when travelling

Issue 55

INNOVATION WATCH - The ultimate DIY material

A silicone-based putty that forms strong bonds, remains flexible and can be moulded to make a variety of repairs

Issue 54

INNOVATION WATCH - Creating the Haptic Cow

A virtual environment helps veterinary students learn to palpate the uterus and diagnose pregnancies in cattle

Issue 53