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The FlexiArch was developed and launched in 2007, creating a minor renaissance for arch bridges.

Issue 61

INNOVATION WATCH - Adaptive spectacles

The inventor of the world’s first universal self-adjustable eyeglasses had the latest version of these spectacles shortlisted for the Design Museum’s 2013 Design of the Year Awards.

Issue 60

INNOVATION WATCH - Silent Herdsman

An Glasgow-based spin-out company called Silent Herdsman from the University of Strathclyde, has formulated a system, that is able to monitor the fertility of herds, by attaching sensors to collars.

Issue 59

INNOVATION WATCH - Taking the Strain

Clansman Dynamics makes a range of heavy-duty foundry and forge machinery, and has developed the G30 grinder which reduces strain and improves the view for grinding operators.

Issue 58

INNOVATION WATCH - Chameleon lasers

A Glasgow-based company has produced a one-box tuneable ultrafast laser system that allows biomedical scientists to better target real-time tissue scans

Issue 57


UK company I2O water has developed and deployed intelligent pressure management systems to conserve supplies of treated water

Issue 56

INNOVATION WATCH - Reinventing the Wheel

The Morph aluminium folding wheel gives wheelchair users greater flexibility when travelling

Issue 55

INNOVATION WATCH - The ultimate DIY material

A silicone-based putty that forms strong bonds, remains flexible and can be moulded to make a variety of repairs

Issue 54

INNOVATION WATCH - Creating the Haptic Cow

A virtual environment helps veterinary students learn to palpate the uterus and diagnose pregnancies in cattle

Issue 53

INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor Sunlight

Monodraught’s sun pipes are replacing artificial light with daylight in schools, hospitals and warehouses

Issue 52

INNOVATION WATCH - Pocket-sized programming

The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes creative computing education with its credit-card sized PC

Issue 51

INNOVATION WATCH - Railway track reinforcement

Balfour Beatty’s XiTrack is an innovative polyurethane polymer that gels around the ballast beneath rail tracks to stabilise them

Issue 50