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INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor Sunlight

Monodraught’s sun pipes are replacing artificial light with daylight in schools, hospitals and warehouses

Issue 52

INNOVATION WATCH - Pocket-sized programming

The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes creative computing education with its credit-card sized PC

Issue 51

INNOVATION WATCH - Railway track reinforcement

Balfour Beatty’s XiTrack is an innovative polyurethane polymer that gels around the ballast beneath rail tracks to stabilise them

Issue 50

INNOVATION WATCH - Indoor positioning system

Cambridge-based Ubisense combines Ultra Wide Band radio, RFID tags and GPS to create a sophisticated object-tracking system

Issue 49

Innovation Watch - Helping Buildings Breathe

A Cambridge based company, Breathing Buildings, has achieved rapid commercial success by producing a pioneering method of natural ventilation in buildings

Issue 48

Innovation Watch - Intelligent queue monitoring

Retail businesses are using infrared technology to speed up customer queuing times

Issue 46

Innovation Watch - Home area network for energy visibility and control

AlertMe is a recent UK innovation helping consumers control their energy usage.

Issue 45

Innovation Watch - Speckled mobiles

An explanation of the ripples that effect mobile phone reception

Issue 44

Innovation Watch - Radical approach to air decontamination

A machine that decontaminates indoor air and surfaces eliminating viruses, bacteria and superbugs

Issue 44

Innovation Watch - Secure Hypervisor

‘Virtualisation’ enables computing resources to be optimised for power and performance

Issue 43

INNOVATION WATCH - Flybrid Flywheel

Affordable hybrid cars could soon be on the market thanks to a new kind of mechanical energy storage device.

Issue 42