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Innovation Watch - Secure Hypervisor

‘Virtualisation’ enables computing resources to be optimised for power and performance

Issue 43

INNOVATION WATCH - Flybrid Flywheel

Affordable hybrid cars could soon be on the market thanks to a new kind of mechanical energy storage device.

Issue 42

INNOVATION WATCH - A quiet revolution

A new generation of wind turbines designed to take into account the turbulent wind patterns of urban environments.

Issue 41

Innovation Watch: shock absorbing material

A flexible polymer that stiffens on impact is now being used in protective sportswear, military equipment, and in coverings for high-value goods.

Issue 40

Innovation Watch - Autonomous taxis

A new form of driverless taxi is set to ferry passengers at Heathrow Terminal 5

Issue 39

Innovation Watch - Water bottle is a life-saver

A water bottle that can filter out microscopic viruses and chemicals to provide survivors in disaster areas with clean water.

Issue 38

Innovation Watch

The smallest television screen in the world
Engineers have developed a fully functional miniature screen that measures the size of a thumbnail.

Issue 37

Innovation Watch

Swimsuits for Olympians: the engineering and manufacturing innovation used in creating swimsuits that help swimmers go faster

Issue 36