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INNOVATION WATCH - From food waste to fashion

INNOVATION WATCH - From food waste to fashion

Chip[s] Board is turning potato peel into sustainable bioplastics for the fashion and interior design industries to simultaneously tackle the problems of food waste and plastic pollution.

Issue 86

Innovation watch - Traffic lights for the tide

An Internet of Things device lights up to show visitors whether the Holy Island causeway is safe to cross.

Issue 85

INNOVATION WATCH - Reducing surgeries for dialysis patients

Pathfinder Medical’s ePATH is helping make surgery for dialysis patients more efficient.

Issue 84

INNOVATION WATCH - An immune system for computers

Darktrace’s software detects and defends against cyber threats from within computer networks.

Issue 81

INNOVATION WATCH - Echo-location for navigation

Sixth Sense is a handheld device that uses echo-location and haptic feedback to help people with visual impairments.

Issue 80

INNOVATION WATCH - Ultrasonic armour inspection

Technology developed at Cardiff University is making it easier to detect damage in body armour.

Issue 79

INNOVATION WATCH - Robots in the field

A new range of agricultural robots will be working in UK fields this summer to select, pick and pack ripe strawberries.

Issue 78

INNOVATION WATCH - A new way to make music

An innovative range of instruments is changing the way that people make music, with pressure-sensitive silicon where there used to be piano keys, drums and strings.

Issue 77

INNOVATION WATCH - Heating homes with robots

Q-Bot’s series of mini robots work together to install underfloor insulation in older homes, helping to reduce heat loss by up to 80%.

Issue 76

INNOVATION WATCH - A tough lock to break

An innovative material made of metal and polymer composites forms an integral part of a bike lock that is lightweight but extremely difficult to cut through.

Issue 75