Ingenia - Issue 11, February 2002


Two responses to A Challenge of the Highest Order, Comments sought for LINK Consultation

O.M. Davies FREng; Jon Crowcroft FREng, Marconi Professor of Communications Systems, University of Cambridge

Articles in this issue

Engineering architecture: The art of engineering structures from the Pantheon to the Jubilee Line

J Robert Benaim FREng

Civil engineers can produce a distinct form of architecture, based on their understanding of structural behaviour, rationality and economy

Tunnel vision

Sir Alan Muir Wood FREng

Uncertainty is an unavoidable feature of tunnelling, but it can be understood and controlled so that it does not cause damaging risk

The journey: From science via engineering to technology

Robert Hawley CBE DSc FREng FRSE

The interdependence of progress and development in science, engineering and technology

Microsatellites and nanosatellites: A brave new world

Professor Sir Martin Sweeting OBE FREng FRS

Small satellites make possible the low-cost exploration and exploitation of space

Brewing: The evolution of a tradition into a technology

Professor Graham Stewart

Technological developments have allowed brewing processes to be optimised and efficiency to be improved

Engineering London Transport's future

Robert R Kiley

How the London Underground can meet the challenge of becoming a leader in urban rapid transport

Coping with the wash: The nature of wash waves produced by fast ferries

Professor Trevor Whittaker and Björn Elsäßer

Fast ferries used on routes previously served by conventional ships have caused increased wash problems

Larger, further and faster: Passenger planes of the futureDeveloping larger aircraft: The engineering challenges of the Airbus A380

Jeffrey Jupp FREng FRAeS

The factors that affect the design of a new large passenger aircraft capable of carrying up to 650 passengers

Changing the way we fly: Boeing’s new Sonic Cruiser

Peter Rumsey

This new aircraft is designed both to reduce flight times and allow more direct flights

The Homeland Security Initiative

John Forrest FREng

After the attacks on 11 September, the USA has established a Homeland Security Initiative. Carnegie Mellon University recently held a two-day workshop related to this initiative

Best supports Jaguar Formula One in schools at Olympia

David Ford

Designing, building and racing balsa wood dragsters: competition finals at the BETT exhibition in January

Towards sustainable growth

K.G. Adams CVO and W.E. Duckworth OBE FREng

In the future, will personal fulfilment be achieved more through intellectual, aesthetic, spiritual, physical and social activities and less through material consumption?

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr John Forrest FREng
Managing Editor David Mackin
Editorial Board Professor John Burland FREng FRS
Basil Butler CBE FREng
Richard Dodds FREng
Dr Colin Gaskell CBE FREng
Derek Hanson FREng
Professor Michael Kelly FREng FRS
Sir Duncan Michael FREng
Professor John Midwinter OBE FREng FRS


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