Ingenia - Issue 12, May 2002




A cloudy energy future

Ian Fells CBE FREng FRSE

If the UK is to move to a low-carbon economy, there are difficult decisions to be made now

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Marine propulsion: The transport technology of the 21st century?

Julia King CBE FREng, Director of Engineering & Technology – Marine, Rolls-Royce plc Ian Ritchey, Head of Research & Technology – Marine, Rolls-Royce plc

New technologies are aiding the production of quieter, more efficient marine engines that are capable of driving vessels at higher speeds

The engineering of the concert grand piano

Richard Dain FREng

By using new materials and new analytical tools designers have the potential to improve piano quality

Sports engineering

Steve Haake

With the sports industry growing faster than the economy as a whole, sports engineering has become an exciting and challenging area

Photovoltaic cells cast new light on the world’s energy problems

Harry Shimp

A combination of technological innovations and larger-scale production is making photovoltaic solar energy increasingly affordable

Making wireless networks deliver

Simon Saunders and Bachir Belloul

Novel techniques are being developed to improve the efficiency of mobile telephone network plannning

Introducing smart cards and digital identity on a large scale: A project of the US Department of Defense

Ramanuj Banerjee

An explanation of the many challenges and solutions associated with introducing smart identity cards

Cryptography in the distributed network environment

Arthur Mason OBE

The development of a public key infrastructure is providing the basis for confidential data exchange across the Internet

Making intellectual property pay

Ian Harvey

Companies need to think creatively about patents to make the most of their intellectual property assets

The digital minefield: Knowing the business

Stephen Barden

Do the recent problems faced by digital television companies indicate a lack of understanding of the nature of their businesses?

Shaping Government policies

Claire Curtis-Thomas MP

How engineers can tell the Government what they need

The missing link: How things people need are conceived – designed – made – and sold

Sir Robert Malpas CBE FREng

How can we encourage young people to understand that designing and making things is important?

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr John Forrest FREng
Managing Editor David Mackin
Editorial Board Professor John Burland FREng FRS
Basil Butler CBE FREng
Richard Dodds FREng
Dr Colin Gaskell CBE FREng
Derek Hanson FREng
Professor Michael Kelly FREng FRS
Sir Duncan Michael FREng
Professor John Midwinter OBE FREng FRS


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