Ingenia - Issue 15, February 2003




Quality versus cost in transport - Finding the right blend

Gordon Baker

Transport issues are rarely absent from the daily news in the UK. Policy and ministerial inconsistency on a scale unacceptable to most organisations has led to decades of degradation in our transport system and infrastructure.

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Letters to the Editor

Sir Alan Muir Wood FRS FREng, Professor Ian Buxton, Professor Douglas Faulkner FREng

Articles in this issue

The threat to infrastructure

Peter Varnish FREng

The threats and challenges presented to engineers have changed dramatically since the events of 11 September 2001

Public safety broadband spectrum

Harlin R. McEwen

Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police How can the emergency services benefit from improving their use of broadband communications?

Homeland Security and broadband access

Paul A. Turner

The infrastructure of the modern age is vulnerable to attack and disruption from anyone with the knowledge and motivation

Shared communications for the UK's emergency service organisations

Graeme Hobbs CEng MIEE

The UK’s emergency services currently use separate communications systems; is there an advantage in combining them and what are the obstacles?

The Bristol Medical Simulation Centre

Dr Mark A. Tooley

How technology can be used to simulate complex situations for medical students

Virtuous circle - The development of composite fibre sailplanes

Afandi Darlington

The technology and engineering behind the evolution in glider performance, with a look to the future

‘Thinking thief’ - Designing out misuse, abuse and ‘criminal’ aesthetics

Dr Lorraine Gamman and Ben Hughes

A change in approach to design could help reduce crime - designers need to think like thieves

Engineering in crime prevention

Dr Richard Lacey

Exploring the possibilities for innovation and taking a look at some engineering solutions in the fight against crime

The engineer’s public duty - The role of the institutions

John Uff CBE QC FREng

What role should the professional institutions play in relation to the public interest?

Enterprise skills in the computing curriculum

Professor Mike Holcombe and Dr Marian Gheorghe

The University of Sheffield is trying a new approach to prepare software engineering students for the business world

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr John Forrest CBE FREng
Managing Editor David Mackin
Editorial Board Professor John Burland FREng FRS
Basil Butler CBE FREng
Richard Dodds FREng
Dr Colin Gaskell CBE FREng
Derek Hanson FREng
Professor Michael Kelly FREng FRS
Sir Duncan Michael FREng
Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
Dr William Stewart FREng


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