Ingenia - Issue 18, February 2004


Articles in this issue

Building with biology: The engineering in tissue engineering

Professor David Williams

What is the role of the engineer in advancing the newest developments of genetic science? The art of creation has never been more important in tissue engineering, with increasingly complex structures being produced every day

Superconducting magnets: The heart of NMR

Martin Townsend

MacRobert finalists OIS describe the engineering behind some of the most powerful magnets available and their uses in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance

The beer barrel as a VHF cavity resonator

Gerald David OBE FREng

An economical and inspired engineering solution to the overloading of mobile radio sites in the 1970s; beer barrel cavity resonators are still in use today as devices to modify single antennas into multiple transmitters

High Street: The new technological battleground?

Allan Dean

The technology behind the rise of customer loyalty cards and the hi-tech future in store for High Street shoppers: retail outlets are becoming increasingly efficient at marketing and processing our purchases

The Downland gridshell: Innovative design in timber

Michael Dickson FREng and Richard Harris

The new building for the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum was built using the first double-layer timber gridshell ever constructed in the UK

Human mobility and transport policy

Dr David Metz

How have our travelling habits changed over the last 50 years and what does this mean for the future of human mobility and government transport policy?

Concentrating solar power: A review of the technology

Hans Müller-Steinhagen FREng and Franz Trieb

This first of two articles on one of the most potent sources of renewable energy outlines the principles and potential of the latest advances in solar power technology

Distributed generation – harder than it looks

Malcolm Kennedy CBE FREng

A review of the virtues of distributed generation and the problems in effecting its implementation. How can the government help to overcome these barriers?

I.K. Brunel: Some thoughts on his engineering

Dr Jim Shipway

A fascinating insight into some of the inspired bridge-building achievements of the man voted the second greatest Briton of all time

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr John Forrest CBE FREng
Managing Editor Kathryn Cairney
Editorial Board Professor John Burland FREng FRS
Basil Butler CBE FREng
Bob Emmerson FREng
Dr Colin Gaskell CBE FREng
Derek Hanson FREng
Professor Michael Kelly FREng FRS
Michael Kenward OBE
Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
Dr William Stewart FREng


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