Ingenia articles: issues 1–19



To mark the 20th issue of Ingenia we have listed the articles published over the past five years to show the diversity of topics published over that time.

Issue 1

Bary Bertiger Global communications in your hand

Joel Birnbaum After the Internet

Adam Bodnar Partnerships and innovation in supply chain restructuring

John Burland Pisa goes critical

Basil Butler What’s the problem with venture capital?

David Davies Foreword

David Davies Engineering academies on the international scene

Peter Ewins The truth about global warming

David Foxley Adding value to UK manufacturing

Dave Gardner Engineering excellence in the next millennium

Robin Gisby Fast track to growth

Gordon Jackson Moving the oil and gas industry

Alan Jones Opinion

RS Lamb Deep basement construction in Central London

Geoffrey Lomer A scale of risk for the individual

Jim Martin Don’t talk about the money

Joss Newberry Is IT really that good?

Peter Wells Healthcare and the medical engineering Phoenix

Issue 2

SG Allen et al. Mobile telephones and human health – an overview

Howard Barnes Delivering rheology to the consumer – the challenges facing process engineering science in the manufacture of liquid products

John Bray A national museum for electronic communication (letter)

David Brown Which came first – the customer or the engineer?

Lord Sainsbury Foreword

Patrick Foley Towards a friction-free economy

Will Gibson The Information Age goes wireless

M. J. Kelly The academic/industrial interface in engineering

John Leighfield The Competitiveness White Paper – is IT UK OK?

Sam Luke Composites in civil engineering: an overview

Robert Malpas Business buzz words for the millennium … Growth, creativity, science, technology, innovation, engineering??

Rob Margetts The Right Chemistry for a Sustainable Life Style

John Midwinter Is IT wrecking education?

Peter Morris How to stop technology-based projects going wrong

Mott MacDonald Irlam rail embankment

Ray Oakley Microelectronics – the new steel

Julio Ottino Designing for structure: new metaphors in processes and equipment

Mike Sharples Educational technology: From teaching machines to HandLeRs

Jane Sutton Down to the wire – who will win the 30th MacRobert Award

O. Williams and R. Hill Mobile data – the new industry

Issue 3

Haroon Ahmed How long can Moore’s Law last?

Valerie Budd Young engineers for Britain 1999

John Davis Letters

Chris Earnshaw Creating the environment for the next generation internet

Peter Head Total project quality

Mike Holroyd New developments in breath operated asthma inhalers

HRH The Prince Philip Foreword

Robert Malpas The roles of science, engineering, and technology in business success

Joss Newberry Economics and entrepreneurship

Ian Nussey (letter)

C. A. Pearson Fast moving consumer goods manufacture

Tony Ridley Civil engineering technology in the third millennium

George Russell UK national lottery: An engineering triumph

Peter Sutherland Championing a global economy

Ian Taylor Opinion Has the UK lost its way in e-commerce?

Chris Wise The birth of London’s Millennium Bridge

John Wright The engineering challenge in competitive markets

Jack Zunz Design education for civil engineers

Issue 4

Martin Beck-Burridge Britain’s winning formula

Professor Ralph Benjamin Information technology crime, terrorism or warfare

Roger S Benson Supply chain excellence: Engineering opportunities

Professor John Campbell Cracked liquid metals create defective castings

Paola Cuomo Engineering a more exciting education

Sir David Davies Protecting rail passengers: Options for railway safety

John Davis On sustainability (letter)

David Fisk Engineering and sustainable development Letter

Dr Mike Jackson Laser lace

James Laminie Fuel cells: Profitable products, good for the environment

B.C. Liew Creating value in the oil and gas industry

Alister Piggott Opinion

David Quinion On successful project management (letter)

Professor Tom Ruxton On the role of SET in business (letter)

David Segal Digital surface photogrammetry: A new medical imaging modality

Professor Laszlo Solymar Communications history: The first thirty-seven centuries

Roderick A Smith The state of our railways

Dr William Wilkinson Foreword

Issue 5

Edmund Booth Earthquake resistant design in the 21st century

Sir John Browne Science, technology and progress

Basil Butler Venture capital: Things are looking up

P. E. J. Flewitt, E. G. Taylor and L. A. Mitchell Major plant repair: Welding Sizewell A nuclear power station boilers

Peter Guthrie Foreword

David Hicks Design for decommissioning

Sir Robert Malpas The universe of engineering: A UK perspective

Professor John E. Midwinter Easing traffic congestion using caesium atoms

Lord Oxburgh Opinion

David Ozholl Headstart: Encouraging the next generation of engineering graduates

Professor Chris Pearce Sequoia sourcing: Deriving a technology strategy

Alastair Sibbald Hearing in three dimensions

Professor Laszlo Solymar Communications history: The triumph of electricity

Jane Sutton Clash of the Titans: The race for the MacRobert Award 2000

Julia Tompson Adaptive optics

John Turnbull On reacting to sincerely held beliefs rather than facts (letter)

Issue 6

Dr Peter Broughton Decommissioning of the Maureen oil platform

Professor Martin Cave Spectrum auctions

Gerald David Severn tunnel

Patrick Dowling Opinion

Nils Francke The Øresund Bridge – linking Scandinavia to the continent

Professor Ken Hambleton Systems engineering – an educational challenge

John Hirst Tate Modern

Michael Holyoke Searching the web, or Mr Livingstone I presume

Trevor Kletz Foreword

Professor David Newland Collaborating with MIT: how we compare

Dr John Roberts The Wheel: The British Airways London Eye

Mike Short Spectrum supply and demand – space oddity

Jo da Silva Engineers in disaster relief

Professor Laszlo Solymar The second industrial revolution: The role of communications

Professor John Sparkes Ignoring long-term consequences for short-term gains will not increase public confidence in engineers and scientists (letter)

Issue 7

Professor Khurshid Ahmad The knowledge of organisations and the organisation of knowledge

Professor Vidal Ashkenazi Planes, trains and GPS satellites

Derek M. Clark, Paul J. Pragnell and Jon M. Wirth Crossing the rails at Brixton: Replacing the UK’s busiest rail junction

J. D. Davis The demand for oil will soon exceed production capabilities – so where will our energy come from? (letter)

Professor Peter Dunnill Creating a UK

Genome Valley: the role of biochemical engineering

Professor Barry G. Evans Mobile communications in 2010: Visions of 4G

Ed Gallagher Opinion

Professor Mohammed Ghanbari Video coding: Past, present and future

Patricia Hewitt MP Foreword

Alan C. Jones Creating Eden in Cornwall: The civil and structural design of the Eden Project

Professor Richard I. Kitney Some engineering implications of the Human Genome Project

Professor A. J. Medland Design: A constraint-based approach

Sir Robert Walmsley Stop that leak! The first 100 years of UK submarine engineering

Professor Richard A. Williams Making the perfect particle

Sir Alan Muir Wood Extensive geological records show how problems encountered during the construction of the Severn Tunnel might have been avoided (letter)

Issue 8

Professor Chris Binnie Water for life: supply and demand in the 21st century

Dr Russell Cowburn Magnetic nanotechnology and computers

Ted Flaxman Opinion

David Ford Putting the ‘gloss on the graduate’: Engineering Leadership Awards

Robert Hawley and Richard Hodkinson Homes for the new millennium: New technology and innovation at Greenwich Millennium Village

David Hulse The properties of steam: Industrial engines before 1800

Elaine Martin and Julian Morris Looking for a needle in a haystack: Fault-finding in process engineering

Alan Mulally The future of commercial air travel

Jim Norton How can the UK maintain its lead in the race for e-business?

Linda Reynolds Colour displays and how to make the most of them

Professor Nigel Shadbolt Knowledge technologies

Fred Starr Power from the people: Stirling engines for domestic CHP

Julia Tompson Where are we going? Land transport in the UK

John Turnbull Risk management and engineering

Regine Weston More passengers, more queues, more delays?

Issue 9

Professor Ray Allen Microchannel reactors: Chemical engineering in another dimension?

Colin Axon and John A. Howell ‘Interdisciplinary research is not natural’: Two cultures in academic chemical engineering?

Sir Alec Broers Foreword

Sir David Davies Reflections on a quarter-century

Clive Dyson Developing skills for high-technology industry

Robert Evans Catalysts: Key to the quest for clean air

Tony Fitzpatrick and Roger Ridsdill Smith Stabilising the London Millennium Bridge

Robert Hawley Opinion

Robert Mair and David Harris Innovative engineering to control Big Ben’s tilt

Lord May of Oxford

John Robson Innovative engineers – apply here! The MacRobert Award 2001

Philip Ruffles Gas turbine technology: Powering the future

John Taylor New initiatives for government funding of research in science, engineering and technology

Professor Meredith Thring The fallacy of perpetual growth: Why increased wealth leads to a reduced quality of life (letter)

Professor John B. Vander Sande Collaborating with Cambridge: An MIT perspective

Professor Roger W. Whatmore Nanotechnology: Big prospects for small engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Jubilee

Issue 10

K. G. Adams and W.E. Duckworth Towards sustainable growth (letter)

Sir Peter Bonfield Connecting the country: an engineering approach to creating ‘broadband Britain’

Professor J. B. Burland The stabilisation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Geoff Freedman Engineering and forestry in the UK

Professor Nigel Gilbert Modelling societies

Professor Richard Harper Smart homes at the start of the 21st century

Professor Jacques Heyman Why ancient cathedrals stand up: The structural design of masonry

Professor Takashi Kenjo Engineering education in Japan

Interview by Michael Kenward Professor Kumar Bhattacharyya

Rick Lockwood and Professor Philip Beeley Just another source of neutrons? The removal of the Jason reactor at Greenwich

Sir Duncan Michael Opinion

Anne Miller Innovation in Japan

Alex Ritchie Springboard to engineering: The Engineering Education Scheme

Brian Tomkins and Professor Ian Howard Ethics in engineering

Issue 11

K. G. Adams and W. E. Duckworth Towards sustainable growth

Sir William Barlow Opinion

Robert Benaim Engineering architecture: The art of engineering structures from the Pantheon to the Jubilee Line

Professor Jon Crowcroft A challenge of the highest order (letter)

O. M. Davies A challenge of the highest order (letter)

David Ford Best supports Jaguar Formula One in schools at Olympia

John Forrest The Homeland Security Initiative

Robert Hawley The journey: From science via engineering to technology

Jeffrey Jupp Developing larger aircraft: The engineering challenges of the Airbus A380

Robert R Kiley Engineering London Transport's future

The Royal Academy of Engineering Larger, further and faster: Passenger planes of the future

Peter Rumsey Changing the way we fly: Boeing’s new Sonic Cruiser

Professor Graham Stewart Brewing: The evolution of a tradition into a technology

Professor Sir Martin Sweeting Microsatellites and nanosatellites: A brave new world

Professor Trevor Whittaker and Björn Elsäßer Coping with the wash: The nature of wash waves produced by fast ferries

Sir Alan Muir Wood Tunnel vision

Issue 12

Ramanuj Banerjee Introducing smart cards and digital identity on a large scale: A project of the US Department of Defense

Stephen Barden The digital minefield: Knowing the business

Jeremy Cavanagh The role of regulatory bodies (letter)

Claire Curtis-Thomas Shaping Government policies

Richard Dain The engineering of the concert grand piano

Ian Fells Opinion

Steve Haake Sports engineering

Ian Harvey Making intellectual property pay

Julia King and Ian Ritchey Marine propulsion: The transport technology of the 21st century?

Sir Robert Malpas The missing link: How things people need are conceived – designed – made – and sold

Arthur Mason Cryptography in the distributed network environment

Sir Edward Parkes Letters

Simon Saunders and Bachir Belloul Making wireless networks deliver

Harry Shimp Photovoltaic cells cast new light on the world’s energy problems

Professor Meredith Thring An engineering solution to the greenhouse effects of transport (letter)

John N. Turnbull Sustainable growth (letter)

Issue 13

John R Appleton The Smallpeice legacy

John Bartlett The nature of engineering (letter)

John Berry and John Thornton Design for green – Jubilee campus, Nottingham

Caspar Bowden, Jon Crowcroft and Roger Needham Opinion

Douglas Faulkner Shipping safety – a matter of concern

David Fisk Sustainable development and The Club of Rome (letter)

John Hicks Nature again (letter)

Martin Lowson Engineering the ULTra System

The Royal Academy of Engineering Engineering Education Scheme – celebration of engineering talent

The Royal Academy of Engineering Global Research Awards

The Royal Academy of Engineering The MacRobert Award 2002

Jim Slater Electronic cinema – a business as much as a technology

Malcolm Smith The D154 project – redevelopment of the Submarine Support Facilities at Devonport Royal Dockyard

Tom Thorpe Harvesting the waves – the emergence of waves as a useful source of energy

John Uff Engineering ethics – some current issues

Issue 14

John Armitt Delivering the national rail infrastructure

Roger Benson The future of chemical and petrochemical manufacturing

Adrian Campbell The World Summit on Sustainable Development: A view from an engineer

Fiona Chow Underground space: the final frontier?

Joseph Corrigan Implementing a knowledge-based management system: A work placement report

Peter Hills and Philip Blythe For whom the road tolls?

Kenneth Hunt Exciting innovations for the spinally injured

David Newton Revealing the secrets of fluidised beds: Exploiting links between academia and industry

John O’Reilly FREng Opinion

Gary Tonge ViSiCAST: Enhanced broadcast services for the deaf community

John Uff Engineering ethics – principles and cases

Andy Watts MBE (letter)

Issue 15

Gordon Baker Opinion

Professor Ian Buxton (letter)

Afandi Darlington Virtuous circle – the development of composite fibre sailplanes

Professor Douglas Faulkner (letter)

Dr Lorraine Gamman and Ben Hughes ‘Thinking thief’ – designing out misuse, abuse and ‘criminal’ aesthetics

Colin Gaskell Revolution by Dr John Bray FREng

Graeme Hobbs Shared communications for the UK’s emergency service organisations

Professor Mike Holcombe and Dr Marian Gheorghe Enterprise skills in the computing curriculum

Dr Mike Howse Long-term planning in aerospace technology

Dr Richard Lacey Engineering in crime prevention

Harlin R. McEwen Public safety broadband spectrum

Dr Mark A. Tooley The Bristol Medical Simulation Centre

Paul A. Turner Homeland Security and broadband access

John Uff The engineer’s public duty – the role of the institutions

Peter Varnish The threat to infrastructure

Sir Alan Muir Wood (letters)

Issue 16

Theo Fleisch, Ronald Sills, Michael Briscoe and Joep Font Freide Emergence of the gasto- liquids industry: A review of global GTL developments

Tony Greaves Push-to-talk is coming of age

Professor Richard Holdaway Space technology in the UK

Roger Kemp Protecting the railways: The management of safety in a fragmented industry

K Rajagopal Sustaining competitive advantage in manufacturing

Phil Reddy Going underground – a Cumbrian perspective

Stewart Sim Regenerating the waterways

Ian Taylor Investing in information technology: Where next?

Professor Kevin Warwick A study in cyborgs

Sir Peter Williams Opinion

Issue 17

Paul Baffes A missing piece of the innovation puzzle: IBM’s Extreme Blue laboratory

Bechtel The need for speed: The Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Arthur Bourne Engineering and the artists eye: Painting and graphic arts

Richard Chitty Fighting fire with science

Peter Ewins Opinion

Professor John Miles Opportunity of a lifetime: New construction techniques for the house-building industry

Professor Duc Pham and Dr Stefan Dimov Rapid prototyping

John Roberts After the Twin Towers: The future for tall buildings

The Royal Academy of Engineering The MacRobert Award 2003

David Stribling Building simulation: Virtual prototyping for construction projects

Faith Wainwright Life safety in extreme events

Professor Alan Williams, Professor M. Pourkashanian, Dr J. M. Jones Power for the people: An overview of the electricity generation situation

Issue 18

Gerald David The beer barrel as a VHF cavity resonator

Allan Dean High Street: The new technological battleground

Michael Dickson and Richard Harris The Downland gridshell: Innovative design in timber

Dr David Metz Human mobility and transport

Malcolm Kennedy Distributed generation – harder than it looks

Sir Robert Malpas Opinion

Hans Müller-Steinhagen and Franz Trieb Concentrating solar power: A review of the technology

The Royal Academy of Engineering Tony Benn urges engineers to be more political

The Royal Academy of Engineering Refreshing the Academy’s strategic priorities

Dr Jim Shipway I.K. Brunel: Some thoughts on his engineering

Martin Townsend Superconducting magnets: The heart of NMR

Professor David Williams Building with biology: The engineering in tissue engineering

Issue 19

David Bell From securing stealth to ensuring health – making ultrasound ultra-safe

Sir David Brown Opinion

Arthur Bourne Engineering and the artist’s eye: Sculpture

Michael Cooper Robert Hooke (1635–1703) – professional scientist, engineer and surveyor

John Darley Digital energy – working smart in the oil and gas industry

David Fyfe and Terry Nicklin A bright future – how chemicals drive the way we display information

John Hicks (letter)

Hans Müller-Steinhagen and Franz Trieb Concentrating solar power for sustainable electricity generation: Perspectives

Professor Philip Nelson and Professor Hareo Hamada Surround sound from all angles

Alex Phillips and Roger Blake How technology enhances the Wimbledon tennis experience

Richard Ploszek Electricity costs – start with a level playing field

Alan Powderham Jacked tunnels – open heart surgery on Boston

The Royal Academy of Engineering ID cards: Public interest … or public nuisance?

The Royal Academy of Engineering Young engineering news

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