Trust the engineers


A poem by David Morphet from his collection ‘The Intruders and other Poems’ published by

Sick of the gimcrack scaffolding
of bankers, party freaks and hacks,
from now I’ll place my trust in engineers

well trained to take true measurements
and make things work, and calibrate,
and size things to perfection –

canny turbine makers, those
who know the codes of shear and stress,
high priests of pressure vessels, valves,

and all who master wires and gears,
who bridge and mine and tunnel, warranting
the last word in precision,

who deal in strength and weight and height,
and know materials inside out,
and how far you can go.

These are the people that I’ll trust –
the ones to whom I’ll look with confidence
to underpin and buttress and embed

and anchor all securely.
Wise illuminati of foundations.
Missioners of steel and terra firma.

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