Ingenia - Issue 46, March 2011


Articles in this issue

Smart Meters

John Scott

An overview of the technical, logistical, commercial and legal challenges to installing smart meters in UK homes

Engineering Public Engagement

Dr Lesley Paterson

Giving engineers training, encouragement and opportunities to show their expertise with the wider public

Self-Healing Concrete

Damian Arnold

Dr Henk Jonkers describes his research utilising a strain of mineral- producing bacteria to help protect concrete from breaking up

Engineering business success

Professor William Bonfield CBE FREng FMedSci FRS

ApaTech has fused bones and commercial vision to create one of the world’s fastest growing medical companies

Underwater Windmills – Harnessing the world’s marine currents

Peter Fraenkel

How tidal stream generators can become a significant source of renewable energy

Development and Reform

Juliet Benning

Professor Sir Richard Feacham FREng outlined his vision for reorganising the way aid is given to developing nations

Ethical Dilemmas

Richard Maudslay FREng and Dr Natasha McCarthy summarise the purpose and content of a new Academy guide entitled Engineering Ethics in Practice

How does that work? (From a suggestion by Richard Walder)

LEDs - A short history of the Light Emitting Diode

Innovation Watch - Intelligent queue monitoring

Retail businesses are using infrared technology to speed up customer queuing times

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng
Managing Editor Dominic Joyeux
Editorial Assistant Juliet Benning
Editorial Board Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS
Derek Hanson FREng
Michael Kenward OBE
John Loughhead FREng
Martin Manning FREng
Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
Professor William Stewart FREng
Professor Liz Tanner FREng
Professor William Webb FREng
Stephen Vranch FREng 
Director, Policy & Public Affairs Beverley Parkin

ARUP, BAE Systems, Bosch, Lloyd's Register, Rolls-Royce plc

The Royal Academy of Engineering acknowledges the generous support by the following organisations for Ingenia: ARUP, BAE Systems, Bosch, Lloyd's Register, Rolls-Royce plc


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