Ingenia - Issue 69, December 2016



Study Shows Link Between Engineering and Economic Development

A new global study carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has found that there is a strong positive correlation between engineering strength and a country’s economic development.

Certainty and Coopearation are Key

In his September editorial, Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng highlighted the need for solutions to the numerous key issues in defining the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

Data as critical national infrastructure

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt FREng

Why data is a vital infrastructure that needs to be invested in, maintained and supported?

Warren East CBE FREng - Taking engineering to industry

Michael Kenward OBE

As CEO of Rolls-Royce, Warren East CBE FREng is forging links with academia with a keenness to turn engineering research into profitable products

Articles in this issue

Engineering personality into robots

Engineering personality into robots

Richard Gray

Advances in technology are being used to give robots character and making the futuristic machines seen in sci-fi films real

Built on principles: White Collar Factory

Built on principles: White Collar Factory

Hugh Ferguson

Good simple engineering is changing the design of the modern urban office, replacing open-plan rooms, neatly plastered walls and ceilings, and highly tuned air-conditioning systems with high ceilings, bare concrete finishes and natural ventilation

How to create the perfect wave

How to create the perfect wave

Sarah Griffiths

Waves of various shapes and sizes are being created by engineers for swimming, surfing, testing and research

Manufacturing power stations

Manufacturing power stations

Harry Edwards, Adam Locke and Andrew Jackson

Small modular reactors that have components manufactured in factories and constructed onsite could offer a quicker and cheaper alternative to generating nuclear power

Research with impact

Professor Philip Nelson FREng

Research and development in universities are having real impact on the engineering industry

INNOVATION WATCH - An appetite for oil

Gobbler boat, an innovative oil-spill retrieval vessel, is providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to dealing with the scenarios that arise from oil spills

HOW DOES THAT WORK? - Lithium-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries have revolutionised modern life, through their application in consumer electronics and by powering applications as diverse as medical implants, grid-scale storage and satellites

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng
Managing Editor Gemma Hummerston
Editorial Board Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS
Derek Hanson FREng
Michael Kenward OBE
Professor David Delpy FREng FMedSci FRS
John Loughhead OBE FREng
Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
Professor William Stewart FREng
Professor Liz Tanner OBE FREng FRSE
Faith Wainwright MBE FREng
Professor William Webb FREng
Director of Policy and External Affairs Beverley Parkin

Rolls-Royce plc, BAE Systems, ARUP

The Royal Academy of Engineering acknowledges the generous support by the following organisations for Ingenia: Rolls-Royce plc, BAE Systems, ARUP


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