Ingenia - Issue 7, February 2001


Flood warnings

Ed Gallagher CBE FREng

Last year's extensive flooding has raised questions about flood defences and the environment – the time is ripe for some innovative engineering solutions

Extensive geological records show how problems encountered during the construction of the Severn Tunnel might have been avoided J. D. Davis FREng

Sir Alan Muir Wood FRS FREng FICE

The demand for oil will soon exceed production capabilities – so where will our energy come from?

Articles in this issue

Stop that leak! The first 100 years of UK submarine engineering

Sir Robert Walmsley KCB FREng

The complex world of submarine engineering is revealed as an ongoing study in leak prevention

Creating Eden in Cornwall: the civil and structural design of the Eden Project

Alan C. Jones FIStructE

Clever engineering has transformed a disused clay pit into a paradise for plants

Crossing the rails at Brixton: replacing the UK's busiest rail junction

Derek M. Clark, Paul J. Pragnell and Jon M. Wirth

An underground success story on the Victoria Line

Making the perfect particle

Richard A. Williams FREng

New designer particulates are finding applications in such diverse areas as scratch-and-sniff capsules and targeted drug delivery systems

Design: a constraint-based approach

A. J. Medland

Advantages of a computer-based modelling environment that can work within the rules and constraints of a problem to produce a viable solution

Planes, trains and GPS satellites

Professor Vidal Ashkenazi FREng

GPS is finding more and more applications in air, sea and land transport – but what about the railways?

Mobile communications in 2010: visions of 4G

Professor Barry G. Evans FREng

Developments in software and in mobile technology have the potential to revolutionise our daily routines

Video coding: past, present and future

Mohammed Ghanbari FIEEE

The compression of video images allows them to be stored and transmitted much more efficiently

Creating a UK Genome Valley: the role of biochemical engineering

Creating a UK Genome Valley: the role of biochemical engineering Professor Peter Dunnill OBE DSc FREng

The UK must tackle a new generation of engineering challenges to maintain its strength in biotechnology

Some engineering implications of the Human Genome Project

Professor Richard I. Kitney FREng

An enormous amount of complex data processing is now needed to extract useful information from the sequenced human genome

The knowledge of organisations and the organisation of knowledge

Khurshid Ahmad CEng MBCS

How can the knowledge in an organisation be ‘managed’ in order to help the organisation to succeed?

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr John Forrest FREng
Managing Editor Julia Tompson
Editorial Board Professor John Burland FREng FRS
Basil Butler CBE FREng
Richard Dodds FREng
Dr Colin Gaskell CBE FREng
Derek Hanson FREng
Professor Michael Kelly FREng FRS
Sir Duncan Michael FREng
Professor John Midwinter OBE FREng FRS


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