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ArupArup is a global firm of designers, engineers and business consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to clients around the world. Sustainability underpins Arup's work and the firm is the creative force behind many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable buildings, transport and civil engineering projects. Established in 1946, Arup has over 12,800 employees based in 89 offices, working across 146 countries on 14,000 projects in any given year. Arup is a wholly independent firm owned in trust on behalf of its staff. With no external shareholders, this independence enables Arup to shape its own direction with no outside pressure or influence.



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WMGBAE, the University of Warwick

WMG is an academic department at the University of Warwick and is the leading international role model for successful collaboration between academia and the public and private sectors, driving innovation in science, technology and engineering, to develop the brightest ideas and talent that will shape our future.

Its world-class research and links with industry ensure its education programmes remain innovative and relevant, and its collaborations with leading organisations help students, staff and partners make a difference in the world, together.

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