Get involved in engineering


Football: designing the beautiful game
From 8 April 
Design Museum, London

It’s been estimated that half the world’s population – 3.5 billion people – watched the World Cup in 2018. But what innovations have made football what it is today? How were the world’s most significant stadiums master-planned? What innovative materials are used to make today’s boots? Learn about all this and more and see a pair of Lionel Messi’s very own boots at the Design Museum.

Edinburgh Science Festival
9 to 24 April 2022 

Edinburgh Science Festival is back: from the 9 to 24 April, venues across the city will host experiences for all ages, from interactive exhibitions to workshops, performances, screenings, and evening talks and discussions. This year’s theme is ‘Revolutions’ and will explore multiple senses of the word: the power of circles, lifecycles, and revolutionary technologies and approaches to tackling global problems, from health to the climate crisis.

Create the Future podcast
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The first few episodes of season three of Create the Future are now live. Opening the series is award-winning mechanical engineer Sonam Wangchuk, discussing the origins of his famous Ice Stupa project and ongoing mission to inspire global change in the face of multiple climate crises. Other episodes include the winner of the 2022 QEPrize, Dr Masato Sagawa, and pioneering audio engineer Leslie Gaston-Bird.

British Science Week
11 to 20 March 2022 

This year’s British Science Week is themed ‘Growth’: look out for events happening in your area or plan your own activities with the packs available online. You’ll be guided through making a terrarium, designing an aeroplane or building a gentoo penguins’ nest. An annual poster competition is also open until 15 April for ages 3 to 14.

For your inspiration: powering our sustainable future
6.00pm, 18 March
Royal Institution, London

Join researchers working at the Faraday Institution to find out how new breakthroughs in battery technology will help the world meet global challenges such as climate change, air pollution and sustainable jobs.

New Scientist Live
12 to 14 March
Manchester Central Convention Centre, or online

Manchester’s Central Convention Centre will welcome over 9,000 visitors, 40 speakers and 30 exhibitors in person for onstage talks and hands-on demonstrations. Saturday and Sunday of the event are open to everyone, while Monday is for on schools and learners at home.

The future of life on Earth
1.00pm, 9 May
Barnard’s Inn Hall, London, or

Award-winning author, science communicator, and cosmology and data science expert Roberto Trotta reflects on what’s in store for life on our pale blue dot, Earth.