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Doctor Who: Worlds of Wonder 

27 May to 20 October 2022 

World Museum, Liverpool 

Doctor Who fans awaiting the 2023 arrival of the new timelord on the small screen can visit a new interactive exhibition in the meantime. It explores some of the Doctor’s many adventures in space and time – a must-see for science enthusiasts.

The Typewriter Revolution 

24 July to 11 September 2022 

National Museum of Scotland 

If you’ve ever wondered where the QWERTY keyboard came from, this is the exhibition for you. Not only does it explore how typewriters revolutionised the world of work – it also looks at how the humble typewriter became key ammunition in the fight for women’s suffrage.

Lost Women of Science Podcast: Series 2 

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While you may have heard of mathematician John von Neumann, have you heard of Klára Dán von Neumann? The second series of this podcast series delves into the story of the self-taught woman who wrote the first modern-style code every executed on a computer. 

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival: Charon 

1 to 10 September 

Canning Town, London 

An exciting new installation originates from the legendary Nevada festival, Burning Man. Expect shades of Arcadia with this 32-feet-high rotating skeletal zoetrope, inspired by the titular mythological ferryman and powered by festival visitors. 

The See Monster

Summer 2022 

Marine Parade, Weston-super-Mare 

Unboxed Festival’s ‘See Monster’ opens this summer. The decommissioned North Sea oil rig has been reimagined as a giant art installation with its own garden, waterfall and renewable energy-generating technologies, and will be open to the public for two months. 

WiFi Wars 7.0 

17 June, 7.00pm 

Royal Institution, London 

Join the audience for this latest rendition of the live comedy game show that promises to combine laughs with computer science and gaming technology. 

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