Ingenia's aim is to publish
         stimulating and informative  articles across
                the whole range of engineering disciplines

Issue 61, December 2014

When will cars drive themselves?When will cars drive themselves?

Professor Tim Gordon and Mathias Lidberg

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Applied origamiApplied origami

Manisha Lalloo

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Modelling ships in dangerModelling ships in danger

David Prentice, Wijendra Peiris, Nick Brown and Geoff Watts

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Fusing glass and steelFusing glass and steel

Graham Dodd and Felix Weber

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The rise and rise of GPUsThe rise and rise of GPUs

Chris Edwards

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Ingenia, the informative quarterly of the Royal Academy of Engineering, is aimed at all those with an interest in engineering, whether working in business and industry, government, academia or the financial community. Complex or technical engineering issues are explained for the non-specialist and confusing jargon is kept to a minimum.

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