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How I got here – Hassan and Hussain Moftah

How I got here – Hassan and Hussain Moftah

Twins Hassan and Hussain Moftah are both data analysts whose work overlaps with data engineering and science.

Issue 89
How I got here – Michelle Watiki

How I got here – Michelle Watiki

Chemical engineer Michelle Watiki talks about how her interest in engineering led to work placements at Rolls-Royce.

Issue 88
How I got here - Josh Oldham

How I got here - Josh Oldham

Manufacturing degree apprentice Josh talks about his interest in engineering, working at Aston Martin and studying applied engineering at WMG, University of Warwick.

Issue 87

How I got here - Felicity Milton

Felicity Milton, mechanical engineer and Senior Manager, Strategy and Innovation at adidas, talks about the future of trainers.

Issue 86

How I got here - Carebox

Two engineers share their work on CareBox, a series of design guidelines to provide additional intensive care and ward beds for COVID-19 patients.

Issue 85

How I got here - Young Engineers of the Year

Award-winning young engineers share what they love about engineering and how they became interested in the profession.

Issue 84

How I got here - Rosie Goldrick

Following a placement with Engineers Without Borders, structural engineer Rosie Goldrick stayed on in East Africa, where she works as Engineering Director at MASS Design Group, a non-profit Engineering collective.

Issue 83

How I got here - Ben Crowther

Ben Crowther wants to use his engineering degree to create a more sustainable future.

Issue 82

How I got here - Mamta Singhal

Mamta Singhal’s engineering career has included improving wrapping for chocolate bars and ensuring games are safe. She currently works on Coca Cola’s supply chain.

Issue 81

How I got here - Natalie Cheung

The film I, Robot, inspired Natalie Cheung to consider engineering as a career. She has gone on to work on several big railway projects.

Issue 80

How I got here - Zoe Dobell

After university, systems engineer Zoe Dobell joined Transport for London’s graduate training scheme and is now working on the Central Line Improvement Programme.

Issue 79

How I got here - Dr Anh Tran

Dr Anh Tran

Humanitarian engineer Dr Anh Tran carries out research in areas including energy, water and food to help make changes with resource-limited communities.

Issue 78