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Maritime & naval


Two container ships at harbour viewed from above, with green cranes on the dock.
  • Maritime & naval
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Issue 97

Decarbonising the shipping industry

Leonie Mercedes explores the different possibilities for a green future for the industry.

A lighthouse in the dark, resembling an illustration
  • Civil & structural
  • Maritime & naval
  • Issue 96

Ensuring engineering’s endurance

Offshore lighthouses are constantly getting battered by waves and wind. Rather than replacing them, engineers are looking into clever ways to prolong these (and other) structures.

A row of three cube-shaped blocks for artificial reef structures on a beach. They have patterned sides and a hollow passage to help marine life flourish.
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Maritime & naval
  • Issue 94

How artificial reefs boost biodiversity

Coral reefs and coastlines face growing challenges from climate change. Two UK startups are developing artificial reefs that protect and renew marine ecosystems.

Dr Rajapillai (RV) Ahilan on a sunny beachside promenade in Italy.
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Maritime & naval
  • Profiles
  • Issue 87

Sound moorings for a renewable career

For Dr RV Ahilan FREng, a career that started in offshore oil and gas has turned him into a champion for renewable energy. He used his knowledge of fluid mechanics and marine experience to push the commercialisation of offshore renewables.

Wind turbines standing in the ocean.
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Maritime & naval
  • Issue 86

Helping the green revolution

Hornsea One, the world’s largest offshore wind farm can generate enough electricity to supply over one million UK homes and led to the construction of the next phase, Hornsea Two. To create the record-breaking offshore wind farm, Ørsted engineers faced substantial challenges which they had to overcome.

An aerial view of the mayflower submarine that has solar panels on it.
  • Software & computer science
  • Maritime & naval
  • Issue 86

The Mayflower sails again

A fully autonomous vessel is preparing to retrace the 1620 route of the Mayflower ship from Plymouth to New England. Neil Cumins spoke to Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM’s UK and Ireland Chief Technology Officer, about the pioneering technology behind this 21st century mission.

Quick read

The HICI box that is lit up with green and placed on the dashboard of a car, with a blurry countryside road in the background.
  • Maritime & naval
  • Innovation Watch
  • Issue 85

Traffic lights for the tide

The Holy Island Causeway Indicator is a small gadget that lights up to show visitors whether the causeway is safe at a glance, helping prevent people getting stranded due to flooding.

An aerial view of the RRS Sir David Attenborough breaking through ice. People and crates are seen standing on the ice and a helicopter is seen flying above the landing pad on the ship.
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Maritime & naval
  • Issue 76

A great British polar explorer

The rapid melting of polar ice caps could have catastrophic consequences for oceans across the globe. To understand the role that the polar oceans play in our changing world, Britain is debuting the RRS Sir David Attenborough – one of the most advanced polar research vessels in the world.