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Engineering and the Artist's Eye – Literature

Arthur Bourne

The third in a series looking at engineering’s relationship with the arts.

Issue 26

Philosophy in the making

Dr Natasha McCarthy

What can philosophy learn from engineering, and what can engineering gain in return?

Issue 26

Stadia: Structural Giants

Stephen Morley

Designing some of the world’s largest stadia

Issue 22

The Downland gridshell: Innovative design in timber

Michael Dickson FREng and Richard Harris

The new building for the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum was built using the first double-layer timber gridshell ever constructed in the UK

Issue 18

Building simulation: virtual prototyping for construction projects

David Stribling

Dynamic thermal modelling, computational fluid dynamics and other methods of simulating the external factors on a finished building

Issue 17

Engineering and the artist’s eye

Arthur Bourne

How engineering creativity, apparent in even the most functional designs, has inspired artists for generations

Issue 17

Engineering architecture: The art of engineering structures from the Pantheon to the Jubilee Line

J Robert Benaim FREng

Civil engineers can produce a distinct form of architecture, based on their understanding of structural behaviour, rationality and economy

Issue 11

Tate Modern

John Hirst

The conversion of a redundant power station into a modern gallery is an outstanding success

Issue 6