Ingenia - Issue 54, March 2013


Response to: Balancing the energy network
Response to: Engineering's Olympic legacy

Sir David McMurtry FREng FRS - Turning patents into profits

Michael Kenward OBE

In coming up with a solution that helped aircraft to take off McMurtry also launched a business that has transformed modern manufacturing.

Global grand challenges

Professor Dame Ann Dowling FREng FRS

Articles in this issue

Lights, sound, action!

Emily Bick

John Linwood, BBC Chief Technology Officer, talks about the corporation’s technological challenges and advances

Changing lightbulbs

Dr Richard Stevenson

As light-emitting diodes become more efficient and cheaper to produce, more applications emerge – including challenging the incandescent bulb

Keeping track of energy

Kevin Payne

From water-powered cooling systems to regenerative braking, London Underground’s engineers aim to keep London moving comfortably and efficiently

Energy storage technologies

Dr Jonathan Radcliffe

Increasing demands for power combined with the itermittent nature of many renewable sources call for inventive solutions for storing energy

Talking to machines

Professor Steve Young FREng

How speech recognition systems behind voice-driven personal assistant devices work and are being integrated with the internet and large sets of data

Building bridges

Freda Chu

Engineers in Arup’s Hong Kong offices worked with a team of volunteers and villagers to build a footbridge in a remote area of China

INNOVATION WATCH - The ultimate DIY material

A silicone-based putty that forms strong bonds, remains flexible and can be moulded to make a variety of repairs


How television pictures evolved from blurry 240-line images to 8-megapixel Ultra-HD, digital cinema-quality

Board members for this issue are:

Editor-in-Chief Dr Scott Steedman CBE FREng
Managing Editor Dominic Joyeux
Copy Editor Emily Bick
Editorial Board Professor John Burland CBE FREng FRS
Derek Hanson FREng
Michael Kenward OBE
John Loughhead OBE FREng
Martin Manning FREng
Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng
Professor William Stewart FREng
Professor Liz Tanner FREng
Professor William Webb FREng
Stephen Vranch FREng
Director of Policy and External Affairs Beverley Parkin

ARUP, BAE Systems, ConocoPhillips, Lloyd's Register, Rolls-Royce plc

The Royal Academy of Engineering acknowledges the generous support by the following organisations for Ingenia: ARUP, BAE Systems, ConocoPhillips, Lloyd's Register, Rolls-Royce plc


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